Summer School Enrollment Begins

Sarah Spence
February 9, 2015

Ready for summer…school? For students who want to get ahead, catch up on credits, or just clear more space in their schedule, summer school sign up opens on Feb. 9. “I wanted extra room in my schedule,” said junior Alexis Smith, “Taking summer school freed up that room.” Yearbook Editor Lindsey... Read more »

Rave-on Parkview

Nathan Poindexter
February 5, 2015

This coming up Blacklight, “Blast Off To Blacklight” Student Council is selling tickets and a white t-shirt with every purchase of a ticket. Senior Madyson Maschino has put together a playlist and for the first time ever the Sophomore class will be selling glow in the dark body paint. Another first... Read more »

A Wild Black light

Chanel Dooley
December 15, 2014

Parkview student council hosted its one and only Black light of the year last friday night. In the past there has been two backlights for the school year, but this year they are only hosting one black light dance. Student council members spent all day friday preparing for the dance by blocking off parts... Read more »

Holiday Baskets

Sarah Rinaldi
December 15, 2014

Several classes and clubs are participating in making holiday baskets for families. The baskets help provide several families who need a little help during the holidays and it’s a good way for students to get involved. Holiday baskets include everything from food to everyday items a family might... Read more »

Becky Davis the Epidemiologist

Nathan Poindexter
December 15, 2014

Epidemiologist Becky Davis from the Springfield-Greene County health department came to Parkview on Tuesday Dec. 9. She spoke about communicable diseases that have been hot topics in recent news headlines to help educate students about the facts. An Epidemiologist is a person who studies disease patterns... Read more »

The Interact Club is Here

Colin Loderhose , Photo Editor
October 15, 2014

Principal Ramsey conducting the first meeting of the interact club. Parkview High School is now offering all students the chance to be a part of The Interact Club. The Interact club is a worldwide club in thousands of schools across the globe to provide high school students with the opportunity to give... Read more »

A STEP in the Right Direction

September 26, 2014

The STEP conference at Missouri State University The STEP conference took place at Missouri State University on September 19, 2014. The purpose of the conference was to assist Hispanic/Latino students in skills that will help them be successful in high school as well as prepare them for college. The... Read more »

Get to Know Your Homecoming Court

Sydney Moser
September 23, 2014

Lindsey Kollmeyer Grade: Freshman. Activities involved in at Parkview: Cheerleading and Cross Country. Favorite Food: Chocolate. Lindsey Kollmeyer (Freshmen) Julie Gilmartin Grade: Freshman. Activities involved in at Parkview: Band and Volleyball. Favorite subject, and why: “Band because I play the... Read more »

Ms. Dempsey: The College Professional

September 22, 2014

This year, we have a new College Adviser here at Parkview. Her name is Ms. Dempsey.  Ms. Dempsey helps students, mostly seniors who are on the road to College. Dempsey says she is here to “help students navigate their way through their best fit post- secondary institution,  applying for admission,... Read more »

The Question of the Week

Cady Kelly
September 18, 2014

The world is a place consumed by opinions, and Parkview High School is no exception. Every single human being on Earth is going to have an opinion, but it is up to others to decide whether or not they are open to other opinions. Ever heard the phrase “agree to disagree”? Well, in a world filled with... Read more »

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