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Do You Know Danielle Zimmer?

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Danielle Zimmer, sophmore

Tessa Hull, Features Editor

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Danielle Zimmer sits on a rudimentary swing, possibly constructed in a foreign land.

  • I have been to parts of Africa.

What is your favorite place you have been?

  • Colorado because it is beautiful and the people there are genuinely kind hearted. Everything about Colorado is extraordinary, the views are amazing!

Has traveling made an impact on you? If so, how has it?

  • I would say that traveling has definitely impacted me.  Not only has it changed the way I perceive things, but I honestly feel that my travel to  Africa has changed the way I live. After coming back from such a rural area, I realize that we do not need things to live,  but rather each other, With out personal connections and relationships we do not have ways to feel. Through friendships we learn to love.

Did you travel to Africa with an organization?

  • I traveled with Watoto, an organization that helps orphaned children and widowed women in Uganda.  These women and children have escaped from rebel forces and are helped by a Christian family.

Would you ever pursue a career that involves traveling?

  • I would enjoy it so much if the Lord is willing to send me into a traveling career.

Is traveling as a student beneficial?

  • Traveling as a student is very beneficial because you can truly see life beyond your own views and experience other cultures.

Do you have any interesting stories about your travels?

  • When we were visiting the National Parks baboons came right up to us! Another thing that was strange is that they do not have diversions of residential and business areas.So when we went to go pick up eggs in the morning  there was a steel plant and a family all living in the same, close area.

Do you have any traveling advice?

  • Pack extra outfits in your carry on. It seems like anytime you travel something is bound to go wrong. Expect the unexpected. Also, pack light so you have room for souvenirs!



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Do You Know Danielle Zimmer?